My adorable Nephew

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My adorable Nephew

On our recent trip back to Ohio to visit the family, my sister (in-law) asked me to do a quick session with our gorgeous almost-a-year-0ld nephew. I may be biased, but he’s got to be one of the cutest babies God ever made (in addition to our other nephews and niece of course).  Such a happy baby, it was not hard at all to get a smile and a giggle. Enjoy a few pictures from our time together.

Kimmy Noonen Photography_11103_13

Kimmy Noonen Photography_11103_4

Kimmy Noonen Photography_11103_12

Kimmy Noonen Photography_11103_11

Kimmy Noonen Photography_11103_2

Kimmy Noonen Photography_11103_1

Kimmy Noonen Photography_11103_3

Kimmy Noonen Photography_11103_10

Kimmy Noonen Photography_11103_9

Kimmy Noonen Photography_11103_8

Kimmy Noonen Photography_11103_7

Kimmy Noonen Photography_11103_5


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