A ROARing Good Time!

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A ROARing Good Time!

Two years ago I photographed a little girl celebrating her first birthday in the home of her honorary aunt and uncle. Fast forward to last month when I photographed her little brother (nearly her carbon copy) celebrating his own first year milestone in the same home! They sat in the same room to eat their cake and many of the children in attendance, wee little ones for the last birthday celebration oh-so-long ago, were looking far too grown up. Enjoy some images from this dino-themed celebration for a truly spectacular little man!

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_1

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_2

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_3

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_4

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_5

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_6

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_7

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_8

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_9

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_10

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_11

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_12

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_13

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_14

Kimmy Noonen Photography_130817_15


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