Birthday Time: Gymboree style!

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Birthday Time: Gymboree style!

No shoes. Soft mats. Lots of color. Balloons, banners and full-sized jungle gym equipment indoors. What could be better? The guests at this 1st birthday party would agree there are few things to rival such pure fun. I had such a great time photographing this family and their little son who has made it through that first challenging year on earth. There were plenty of friends and family at every turn to celebrate alongside them. Those bright colors were only muted by the sense of collective joy bouncing off the walls. Way-to-go Gymboree!

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_01

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_02

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_03

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_04

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_05

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_06

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_07

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_08

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_09

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_10

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_15

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_11

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_12

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_13

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_14

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_16

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_17

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_18

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Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_20

Kimmy Noonen Photography_120508_21

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