Charlotte’s Nursery!

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Charlotte’s Nursery!

As my late-July due date races toward us, my husband and I find ourselves eagerly preparing the “nest” for our daughter’s arrival. Much of my late pregnancy days have been filled with DIY projects, up-cycling, and purchasing the last minute items to go in Charlotte’s nursery. I am still in the process of making her crib mobile (from origami paper cranes) but the rest is complete and ready for showing off. Check out a few shots from the room and many of its special details for our special lady…

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_005-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_028-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_003-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_036-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_037-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_007-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_034-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_033-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_030-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_027-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_024-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_021-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_019-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_016-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_010-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_011-final_120709

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Nursery_008-final_120709


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