Everyday Project: 2014 Year In Review

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Everyday Project: 2014 Year In Review

Back in January of 2014 I assigned a semester long project to my Photography II students at Judson University. It was quite literally an Everyday Project… make one photo a day worth keeping and share it on a tumblr page for critique and grade. To set a good example I participated in the project along with the students… then I kept it going after the semester ended… and as of this month, my Everyday Project has officially passed the one year mark! As I look back over the last year I realize this collection has been much more than the sum of its parts . It has allowed me to consistently, repeatedly, and (in some cases) aggressively consider my photographic eye. I have discovered themes and subjects that are much more significant than I’d originally considered and it has required that I carry my “eye” with me everywhere I go… and my camera!

For the purpose of full disclosure, a handful of times over the past year I have been unable to make a photo on a given day for one reason or another. In that case, I substitute a strong photograph from another day that same week. It happens rarely but giving myself that wiggle room makes the project sustainable over what I hope to be a very long life. Which leads to my next statement…. I have committed to do the Everyday Project for one more year! I can’t wait to see how 2015 ebbs and flows through this format.

Because I have far too many favorites for a quick year in review, I have posted one stand out photograph from each of the last 13 months of shooting. To see the rest, click here.














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