Family Session at Millennium Park

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Family Session at Millennium Park

This family session was especially unique… Edith and Dan live here in Chicago while Edith’s sister and husband live in Mexico. As a way to make a special family visit even more special, they hired me to photograph both families spending time together and enjoying Chicago’s famous Millennium Park. The day was a scorcher, kicking off this heat wave we’ve had in 2012…. but fun was had by all, especially when the kiddos got to play in the water fountain at the end! Enjoy a few photos from this super fun day!

Kimmy Noonen Photography_030-FamilyBW_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_031-FamilyBW_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_033-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_035-FamilyBW_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_038-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_046-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_059-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_083-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_095-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_115-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_121-FamilyBW_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_144-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_150-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_171-FamilyBW_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_183-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_191-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_193-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_201-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_205-FamilyBW_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_217-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_234-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_237-FamilyBW_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_242-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_250-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_254-FamilyBW_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_258-FamilyColor_120727

Kimmy Noonen Photography_269-FamilyColor_120727

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