Our little girl has arrived!

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Our little girl has arrived!

On July 28th our daughter, Charlotte Blair, greeted the world. Our lives have certainly changed since that day! She is possibly the most amazing little bundle of person I’ve ever known… and I’m sure you will see many more pictures of her moving forward! Here are a few stellar shots of Her Cuteness for your viewing pleasure.

Kimmy Noonen Photography_54-Wk1_small

Kimmy Noonen Photography_75-Wk1_small

Kimmy Noonen Photography_116-Wk1_small

Kimmy Noonen Photography_85-Wk1_small

Kimmy Noonen Photography_99-Wk1_small

Kimmy Noonen Photography_121-Wk1_small

Kimmy Noonen Photography_136-Wk1_small

Kimmy Noonen Photography_122-Wk1_small

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Aug12small-07

Kimmy Noonen Photography_243513_4524182743712_1926038129_o

Kimmy Noonen Photography_Aug12small-34

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