Palmer Square Family Session!

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Palmer Square Family Session!

I will always remember this session as it was my first back after six weeks of recovering from giving birth. Having become very accustomed to the teensiness of our daughter, this family session proved to be both super fun and personally educational (children grow and develop SO much in their first year!).  This little cutey just celebrated her first birthday and was jet-setting around Palmer Square to show everyone how grown up she’d become in that small amount of time. It’s easy to take good pictures when your subject is so cute (tutu and all). Here’s a selection of pictures, enjoy!

Kimmy Noonen Photography_035-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_033-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_006-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_012-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_017-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_022-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_062-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_065-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_077-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_084-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_091-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_104-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_117-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_124-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_128-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_152-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_156-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_165-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_174-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_206-Family

Kimmy Noonen Photography_207-Family

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