The Everyday Project

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The Everyday Project

For the past four months I’ve been teaching a Photography II class at Judson University. Today was the final day of the semester, I will really miss those kids (though I won’t necessarily miss the long drive to the suburbs twice a week during rush hour). An assignment I gave the students was called The Everyday Project; taking 100 photos in 100 days and posting them to their own tumblr page. In the hopes of leading by example, I also dedicated to doing this project. Turns out it is a great assignment that really stretched me as a photographer and created new healthy habits. It’s been so beneficial that I’ve decided to extend my Everyday Project for the entirety of 2014! Check it out and check back often… I will take a photo every day and upload at least once a week. Here’s a few standout photos from April to illustrate the point.







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